How to practice safe oral sex

Safer sex isn’t limited to intercourse. Sexual intercourse isn’t the only sexual act that exists, nor is it the only way that STDs are spread. Many people, gay, straight, queer or somewhere else on the spectrum, also practice oral sex with their partners. This is something that many people don’t give much thought to how ... Read more

Top 5 Best Well-Made, All Natural Male Enhancement Pills That Work Fast (Reviews 2019)

With the rise of online shopping, buying objects discreetly has never been easier. However, despite the ease of access, there are some downsides to shopping online. When looking for a reputable male enhancement supplement, it can be hard to differentiate snake oil products from legitimate and top-notch supplements. You could buy hundreds of products that ... Read more

10 Natural Aphrodisiac Options

By the term “natural aphrodisiacs”, a variety of herbal remedies formulated to boost libido and sexual performance is meant. It should be mentioned, however, that certain non-herbal substances, such as L-arginine, fall into this category, too. In general, the remedies are to deal with sexual dysfunction in the form of inadequate sexual desire, depleted sexual … Read more