Sperm Increase Volume Pills

No matter how you look at it, or what you tell yourself, the fact is that all the men have the desire to look and perform more like the stud, male porn stars we see all over the internet these days.

They have the power to go for hours, maintain rock hard erections, and seem to have orgasms that are far more rewarding than more common “endings”.

Add onto that the fact that they seem to cum for minutes at a time, and it can be hard to “stack” up against these performers and provide your partner with that type of satisfaction.volume_pills

Or at least, it was difficult before cum Volume Pills stormed onto the market.

If you are searching for a way to not only maximize pleasure for your partner but also drastically increase the power and intensity of your orgasms, increase sperm volume, then checking out Volume Pills for yourself is something that you simply have to do.

What are Volume Pills?

Consisting of a proprietary blend of top grade herbals, this is no ordinary pill to increase ejaculate volume because its robust ingredients ensure healthy sexual functions in adult men. They are absolutely safe to consume with no known negative side effects.

And whether you believe it or not, that is what your partner(s) crave.

Natural ingredients of Volume Pills

The Volume Pills formula has been researched by a team of sexual health doctors and professionals who have devoted their lives to studying how to improve the sexual experiences of both men and women. The list of ingredients used in Volume pills consists of 100% natural herbs, extract, and nutrients that will nourish and rejuvenate a man’s reproductive system, allowing him to get more out of his body than before.

Each of the ingredients has been in use for increasing libido, managing a sex drive or just stimulating testosterone production in a natural way by both folk medicine and modern medicine, it’s a mix of potency herbs combined with amino acids that improve blood circulation and flow with men.

  •  Xian Mao: A herb used as an aphrodisiac in ancient China, it’s often called “nature’s Viagra” and is a completely safe and natural ingredient, perfect for a dietary supplement like Volume Pills. Increased sex drive is just one of the many benefits this plant can boast with.
  •  Tian Men Dong: tian_men_dongAnother herb from Asia with potency increasing properties, it’s extracted is known to help males who suffer from sexual debility and impotence. It’s often used in modern pills that increase sperm volume.
  •  Ling Zhi: Asian mushroom with lots of positive effects on health. Its main effect includes increasing natural immunities, but it’s also shown to increase virility and energy when taken over a moderate period of time. It’s a great method of purging toxins from a body, improving blood quality and helping with processes involving the liver. Within Volume Pills its purpose is to increase overall stamina and give a man more energy.
  •  Ku Ga: A flower whose tea has been used to treat low libido in China since ancient times. Vitamin-rich and extremely healthy, it’s got many nourishing properties, from helping with ingestion to reducing body fat and increasing testosterone levels, making it an essential ingredient when increasing semen production.
  •  San Guo Mu: The cardiovascular system is vital in achieving and maintaining an erection, and that’s where San Guo Mu kicks in. It’s influence shows with regulating blood pressure and heartbeat rate, allowing for more self-control during sex and longer-lasting intercourses.
  •  Fucus Vesiculosus: fucusAtlantic and Pacific shore seaweed, this natural ingredient helps with cholesterol and with exhaustion. Another great way to manage cardiovascular health, it improves the overall metabolism and allows for more absorption for other ingredients of Volume Pills.
  •  Zinc Oxide: While other ingredients listed so far are there to nourish a man’s reproductive system and allow him to be more impressive in the bedroom, zinc oxide is there to deliver on what the name of Volume Pills imply – sperm volume. Zinc is an essential component in producing sperm, and modern dieting choices just don’t include enough of it, which is why zinc is a vital component to this mix.
  •  Drilizen: The only product you will see on Volume Pills ingredient list, it’s a healthy component that increases nitric oxide release, prolonging erections through managing the penile blood flow. It contains an amino-acids that increase cardiovascular health, and it also increases testosterone production over prolonged periods of time, improving a man’s sex drive and allowing for more intense orgasms.

So, you can see why Volume Pills work – they are a mix of potent ingredients, a blend of herbs stimulating sexual health and allowing a man to really go all out during sex, allowing for more erection control and for much more impressive orgasms.

 How to get the best results from Volume Pills?

You can get the best results if you remember to:

  • take 2 tablets daily with lots of water to cool your body down. Water is very important for volume, for obvious reasons.
  • lead a healthy lifestyle and cut down smoking and alcohol.

 How do Volume Pills actually work?

how_do_volume_pills_workWhile the idea of stronger, far more intense orgasms and the ability to perform like a porn star is obviously intriguing, it is important to review how and why Volume Pills actually work. And of course why this semen enhancer actually outperforms other products on the market.

The supplements themselves are made entirely from natural ingredients and rely on a completely unique formulation that is doctors approved and as potent as it gets.

The even better news is the fact that the Volume Pills actually force your penile muscles to contract with more force and ejaculate longer in order to disperse all the semen that has been generated.

This means that Volume Pills do far more than make you visually cum like a porn star, but they can actually make you feel the pleasure that they do as well.

And the added confidence is something that you will often struggle to find for yourself.

Knowing that Volume Pills have been constantly and consistently ranked #1 by customers and doctors across the board makes it easy to review just how effective and proven it is.

Volume Pills Benefits

  •  relish mind-blowing orgasms and ejaculations with more semen and sperm;benefits
  •  Volume Pills attain rock hard erections on demand;
  •  charge your sex drive with vastly increased testosterone levels;
  •  get rid of male-related sexual health problems with a healthier prostate.


 What will Volume Pills accomplish for me?

We have had reports of men getting some fabulous volume cum about inside 7 days! The impact is very significant and you will feel “full” before you have even started closeness; on account of this, you will feel more virile and prepared for sex.

Individuals who have concentrated on the results have seen up to a 500% increment in the original liquid that is delivered.

 Do Volume Pills give you any negative side effects?

side effectsThe answer lies in the list of Volume Pills ingredients. You can be sure that you are getting a herbal supplement made only of FDA approved ingredients. This is not a prescription drug so it considered safe for public consumption.

Still, you may (or may not) experience some slight negative side effects like a sore throat, tummy ache or even a headache but these are minor and not harmful to your health. Just remember to drink lots of water with the pills.

Having said that, if you have a medical condition like heart problem, then it is best that you consult your doctor before taking the pills.

 Where to buy and how much

What makes Volume Pills the best product in this category is the fact that it works very well and is quite cheap, especially in the biggest 6 and 12 months packages. 12 months package costs only $348.95, that´s just $29 per month for a product that boosts your semen amount and increases your sexual life. Besides the cheap price, the biggest packages come with amazing free bonus products, like for example a free box of Prosolution Pills.

 Is it safe?

Volume Pill is a very credible, safe and effective herbal product you can trust and use. Is this a scam? Surely not, going by its longevity in the market (it has been sold online since 2003), reputable vendor and countless testimonials from users.

Be assured that Volume Pills are made only of FDA approved ingredients. This means you can consume them without worrying about any negative side effects.

Consuming Volume pills are beneficial to your overall sexual health as well.

 Clinical studies

clinical studyThis herbal semen pill is endorsed by medical doctors and herbalists so you know it is a good, reliable pill. If you want bigger and more frequent ejaculations and rock hard erections on demand, then this is your top choice.

Each of the ingredients used in the preparation passed multilevel clinical trials and scientific experiments, which proved safety, effectiveness and significant benefits for men’s health.

 What guarantees do I get?

Volume Pills comes with a risk-free, 67 day, money-back guarantees so you won’t lose. If you don’t like what you get, simply return the product within 67 days for a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges).

Factor in the longevity of this product, the rave reviews that follow it wherever it goes, and the no-hassle money-back guarantee, and it becomes easy to see how many Volume Pills bring into your love life.guarantee

 Volume Pills vs Semenax and other alternatives

In taking a look at this over-growing market, we’ve pulled out what we believe are the four best sperm volume increase pills that guys should consider taking. Not only will this give each guy the chance to produce more ejaculate, but they’ll be able to improve the overall quality of the semen they produce as well for an outstanding orgasm every single time.

Let’s take a look at our top four:

VolumePills – best of the best

What we like about Volume Pills is the fact that the emphasis on the product is about the amount of semen that is produced and not the actual sperm count. To finish like a star to create that memorable cum shot, this combination of herbs, nutrients, and aphrodisiacs works to increase the volume of semen that you produce so that your orgasms are bigger, harder, and extremely intense.


The potency is an important part of the equation and a strong potency often equates to a better quality ejaculate. By increasing your sperm counts, you create a natural condition within your body that leads to more confidence, better self-control, and more sexual desire. This product has produced many great results, but the reason why it isn’t ranked #1 is that there is extra emphasis on the sperm count, not the volume.


When it is time to turn up the intensity of your orgasm, visually impressive loads of cum are often thought of as visual proof of a man’s virility. Having a good orgasm isn’t just about how much cum is produced, but is also about the visual aesthetics of the orgasm itself. Semenax works to increase the volume of your ejaculate and has good reviews concerning the results that can be achieved, but what makes this product be ranked at #3 is the fact that it could take up to 20 days to see results.


This is the fact that there are no known side effects to taking Spermomax. The emphasis is also on satisfying your partner, not just yourself, through the increases in volume that are generated while blood flow through your penile tissues is also improved. This creates a stronger orgasm as the fluid chambers are restricted and your muscles have to work harder to eliminate the semen that has been produced to create a more pleasurable, longer-lasting orgasm. It’s ranked #4 because there is a greater emphasis on improving the quality of a guy’s erection and stamina during sex than there is in volume.

How to Buy Volume Pills

how-to-buyThe process to order this product is quite simple and easy. You can easily order this product through its official website, as you can also get this from various shops but instead of going shop to shop, order it online. If you are going to purchase this Volume Pills,  through its official site then you can get detailed information of the product, you can also have a look on the customers’reviews and the most important ordering this product through the official site can make you save money too.

To order this product you need to follow some simple steps which include, the duration of the courses. As there is a number of courses, so you need to select the best alternative for yourself. After that, you need to pay the amount for the selection made by you and after paying the money your order will be delivered to your place.