Herbs To Return Potency | Natural High Potency

Since Antiquity, it is believed that power is an attribute of male power and male dignity. Men who could not borrow children or whose power left something to be desired were ridiculed in folklore. Fortunately, people of the past were much smarter than they are today. They lived in harmony with nature and appreciated simple things. At the same time, thanks to a large number of interesting possibilities, you have learned to create crazy essences. To learn more about how to restore the potency of an elixir, it is worth continuing.

To restore reproductive function, the elderly benefited from a large number of  recipes

Every real man should pretend that his own wife is crazy about him. This strengthens his reputation in the eyes of representatives of his region and also gives him self-confidence. The decoction for the return of potency contains the following herbs:

  • Yarrow 3 leaves.
  • Mother and stepmother 4 leaves.
  • Rosehip 8 cones.
  • Lavender 9 flowers.

These herbs and many others will allow you to give man back his power. All this must be poured with a liter of spring water, after which the mixture obtained is ignited. Ideally, you can bake it all in a Russian oven, but in modern conditions it is difficult to find such a device. In any case, you can solve everything with a multivarkoj or a gas burner. It takes exactly 20 minutes for the water to boil. In the future, it will be necessary to gradually mix the types of plants mentioned above, then wait until everything is cool. The resulting broth is poured into small glasses and consumed 15 minutes before meals.

male enhancementIf the potency returns within 3 days, it is necessary to drink the decoction for 8 weeks as a preventive measure. The broth not only gives power, but also offers a unique opportunity to derive pleasant sensations from the use of such tea. It is a fact that tea made from the plants mentioned is very tasty.