How to practice safe oral sex

Safer sex isn’t limited to intercourse. Sexual intercourse isn’t the only sexual act that exists, nor is it the only way that STDs are spread. Many people, gay, straight, queer or somewhere else on the spectrum, also practice oral sex with their partners. This is something that many people don’t give much thought to how to have safe oral sex.

This provides a danger to pairings in which one or more people have an STD, or even in pairings where people do not. Just because someone looks/says they are STD-free doesn’t mean they are! Safe oral sex doesn’t have to be boring and sterile, either. There are tons of fun ways how to practice safe oral sex, and I’m going to share them with you.

safe oral sex

Most people don’t even think about giving a blow job with a condom on, but really, that’s the safest way to do it! If semen can give you a disease when it’s released inside your vagina or rectum, it can definitely give you one if it is released into your mouth. Remember that ejaculate is not the only thing that contains disease; pre-cum carries all those same bacteria and viruses and can pass it on to someone just like ejaculate can.

Options to make oral sex safe or unsafe

So, how can you have a safe and sexy fellatio? Well, you’ve got several options!

The first is to try sex with a flavored condom. They make condoms that come with flavored lubricant already applied, and nothing could be easier. Slip the condom on, and go to town! You can pick the flavor, and it makes it all the more pleasant. However, many of those condoms can have very latex-heavy tastes. If you want less latex taste, your best bet is to go with a thinner condom.

The plus side of picking your own thinner condom is that you can add your own flavored lubricant to it. With so many brands and flavors, you can find the condom that has the least amount of taste, and pair it with the lubricant you like the taste of the most. You can also get a non-lubricated condom and add your own flavor with flavored lube. If you want the least amount of taste as possible, silicone-based lube is always a good bet, as it’s flavorless. Avoid spermicide-lubricated condoms, however – not only is spermicide potentially unhealthy; it tastes terrible! If you or your partner is allergic to latex, a polyurethane condom will work just as well. Remember: putting a small amount of lubricant between the condom and the penis will allow for greater sensitivity.

Safe female oral sex - cunnilingus

Well, you’ve got several best options there, too! Dental dams don’t come in as many flavors as condoms, but they do make flavored dams. Finger cots or gloves are also helpful if you want to combine oral and finger stimulation. As with condoms, you can add flavored lubricants for a more pleasant taste. If you can’t find non-flavored dams, which are often hard to find, try cutting the ends off a condom, then cutting down the middle: voilà – instant dental dam! Use thinner condoms for less latex taste and greater sensitivity. You can also cut fingers off of latex (or non-latex) gloves to create a “tongue-cot,” allowing you to safely insert your tongue into your partner’s vagina. Dams do create a barrier to penetration, after all. If you can’t find a dam, glove or condom, you can always head to the kitchen and grab some plastic wrap; it works just as well.

A tip when using dams in  cunnilingus, though, is to put a small amount of lube between the vagina and the dam; this will allow for greater sensation, as well as secure the dam more, allowing it to stay in place. And again, polyurethane condoms can be used to make dams if you or your partner happen to be allergic to latex. Also, plastic wrap is latex-free, as are some dams.

How to perform safe rimming?

There’s one more area of oral sex I’ve yet to discuss! How do you safely have anilingus (aka rimming)? Well, it’s very similar to cunnilingus. Dental dams are still the easiest way to do that, and the “tongue dam” works quite well there, as well. Please remember that flavored lubes are your friend.