Best Ways to Increase Semen Volume with Foods, Pills, Supplements, Vitamins, Herbs

Semen volume is another thing you can impress your female partner with. That’s why men often seek to increase it. While the semen volume is not the same as the sperm count, it affects a man’s fertility. Additionally, it is correlated with quality of orgasms and your confidence.

Why Normal Semen Volume Is Important

  • To ejaculate a bigger volume of semen, more contraction is required, which makes the orgasm brighter.
  • Active semen production is beneficial to better sperm quality, which is an important fertility factor.
  • Amazing ejaculations give a man more confidence and self-esteem.

There is a way to have a high semen volume every time you have sex. Just be mindful of some dietary principles to follow. Keep reading to find out what is helpful in this respect.


Vitamins And Minerals

The deficit of essential minerals can have a detrimental effect on many body functions; the sperm production is no exception. That is why men should pay attention to the nutritional value of what they ingest. Make sure you consume the following vitamins for semen volume on a regular basis:

  • Vitamin C1 is a renowned anti-oxidant that boosts multiple body processes and has a general strengthening effect. vitamins
  • Vitamin B12  affects directly quality of semen and sperm.
  • Vitamin E is another anti-oxidant that helps keep sperms live and mobile.
  • Zinc2 is famous for the benefits it provides to the male body. It acts by naturally boosting an individual’s testosterone levels, which in turn results in libido improvement, better stamina and bigger semen fluid volumes each time.
  • Selenium. Is often present in topical supplements because this trace element is ejaculated with sperm and therefore should be replenished on a regular basis. The deficit of selenium3 can result in depleted amounts of semen produced with each orgasm.

Amino Acids

amino acids for semenThis class of compounds is essential to the human body. Amino acids play multiple roles and therefore are smartly incorporated in the broad range of supplements. As for the improving semen volume, look for these names on a product’s list of ingredients:

  • L-Arginine

    Once in the body, the substance is transformed into nitric oxide, whose primary positive effect in terms of male enhancement is blood circulation boosting, which translates into stronger erections. Intensified sperm production is another effect men can enjoy.

  • L-Carnitine

    Studies have revealed a correlation between L-Carnitine levels and semen quality. As such, adding the compound to a male enhancement supplement has been proven to result in more abundant ejaculations.

  • Lecithin

    Easily available, the compound has been found to have a positive effect on ejaculated semen volumes. Soy and egg yolks are affordable and commonly used foods, which can be a great source of Lecithin and the best way to boost semen volume.

Herbs That Increase Semen Volume

In multiple cultures of the world, herbal remedies have been used to boost sperm count and low semen volume for centuries. The modern medicine confirms the hypothesis. That’s why male enhancement manufacturers add the following ingredients to their prime products:

  • Ginseng

    This renowned herb provides a bunch of health benefits including intensified semen production. herbs

  • Maca

    The plant is presented in male semen enhancement formulations by its root extract. Along with some other benefits, the ingredient is praised for higher ejaculated semen amounts.

  • Horny Goat Weed

    This is another classical aphrodisiac ingredient commonly added to topical formulations due to its capacity to boost testosterone levels, which is a sure way to improve quality of erections, semen and sperm.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

    The plant’s effect is based on one of its ingredients, saponin. The substance has been proven to suppress estrogen, the female hormone, levels while boosting production of testosterone, the male hormone.

  • Saw Palmetto

    Rich in fatty acids, the plant’s fruits can be recommended to eat as an easy way to improve your seminal fluid.

Foods For Normal Semen Volume

food for semenEating the right foods can help a man keep male doctors away and preserve high performance in bed for years to come. The following foods are healthy and recommendable in terms of the semen volume.

  • Celery

    The plant has been traditionally praised for its male health benefits. Its consumption can help a man have more powerful ejaculations. It renders semen a pearly-white color that many female partners will appreciate.

  • Pineapple

    This is another tasty food you can enjoy while working on boosting your semen volumes. Consuming pineapples will make your sperm sweeter.

  • Milk And Honey

    According to some study reports, digesting low-fat milk is beneficial to sperm count and mobility. On the other hand, milk gives your semen a salty taste.

  • Honey is believed to have a positive effect on semen too.
  • Eggs

    The food is known to be rich in proteins. It also contains Lecithin, which has been discussed above. According to some researchers, to see improvement in terms of semen volumes, a man should eat four eggs daily. Still, this high intake of proteins can result in somewhat bad taste and smell of your semen. This is a good alternative for those who is not willing to eat soy as a source of Lecithin.

Semen Volume Supplements

pillsThis product category combines a broad range of pills designed to boost male performance. As such, the remedies affect multiple aspects like libido, sperm quality, semen volume, quality of erections, etc. If you take on this approach, consider only 100% natural products mainly based on the abovementioned herbal ingredients.

If you are going to focus on achieving higher ejaculation volumes, these male semen pills offer the benefit explicitly:

Semen Volumizers

Whether you decide to try something of the above or devise a comprehensive method based on almost everything discussed in previous sections, please keep in mind that results you get may vary significantly. This means that coming up with an individual approach based on your specific goals and health considerations is the most efficient way to understand if semen volumizers work. semen volume

In this respect, you should be mindful of possible side effects that some supplements or foods may cause in your case. While the general recommendation is to stick to natural solutions only, the warning still applies. For example, you may want to reduce a recommended dosage or even stop the intake immediately if something goes wrong.

Generally, a man ejaculates 2 to 5 ml of semen per time. With a properly selected and smartly applied method, the volume sometimes can be increased up to 10 ml.

Also, don’t overlook using such an auxiliary method as Kegel exercises. Performed on a regular basis, they will help you strengthen the pelvic muscles, which are involved in the ejaculation process and therefore can enhance the effect. Ballooning and Edging are worth considering too.

3 Non-popular Ways To Improve Semen Volume

If you seek increasing your semen volume, you should know that eating the right foods and supplements rich in healthy ingredients is not the only factor to consider. Also, the following may help:

To Improve Semen Volume Drink Much Water

drink waterSemen is a liquid; as such, it contains 99% of water. Insufficient hydration levels create significant risks of semen amount depletion. Two to three liters of water is a recommended daily intake that can add to abundant ejaculations. The additional benefit your partner will appreciate is that proper body hydration also improves the taste of the semen.

Additionally, drinking enough water helps keep running all body functions, while our general health condition is closely related to our male performance. So, this aspect should never be underestimated.

Give Up Smoking

According to multiple studies, smoking has a detrimental effect on quality and amount of sperm and semen. Therefore, the first step you should make as soon as you decide to improve your ejaculations is to give up this bad habit. This will also help you avoid other health risks.

Active Lifestyle

This is another general health improvement recommendation which proves to be valid when it comes to semen improvement too. If you have a sedentary job, start doing exercises on a regular basis. Multiple workouts per week would be the right change to bring to your life.