Is Penis Enlargement Surgery a Good Option?

penis-enlargement-surgeryThere are many men and women out there who believe the size really matters. This common stance is what makes men look for an efficient penis enlargement method – surgery. Despite the fact that one can choose from multiple topical options available today, each of them has its pros and cons.

Even though recent studies have proven that an individual’s level of satisfaction with his/her sexual life is more about mental affinity and skills rather than about the male organ size, the demand for penis enlargement only grows from year to year. Additionally, women tend to associate a bigger penis with more virility, which is not true in science terms though.

That said, it is easy to understand why the medical industry offers a number of topical solutions to choose from. Penis enlargement surgery is one of the options, which boasts the highest success rate combined with the shortest time before achieving the desired result. If you consider this way for yourself, there are some useful facts to know. Keep reading for more details.

When it comes to making the penile bigger, most of the time, only its length is meant. Still, the penis shaft circumference is another physical parameter to consider. The reason why it is mostly overlooked is quite simple: almost none of enlargement methods widely advertised and promoted on TV and the Internet is able to affect this value. Surgery is the only exception. Actually, this medical manipulation allows achieving an exact goal you set in terms of your organ’s dimensions. For this end, two different methods are used:

  1. Surgical augmentation. This method affects the penis size by means of grafting or injecting an artificial filler or fat cells into the organ. While the effect of the manipulation can be really amazing in the beginning, the filler (especially natural fat cells) tend to degrade with time. As a consequence, your penis may lose its perfect exterior and even eventually acquire an ugly, deformed look.
  1. Incision surgery. In this case, an easier manipulation is carried out. Specifically, a ligament, with which the penis body is attached to the pelvic bone, is cut. This allows to release a hidden part of the shaft, which is already naturally available and therefore requires no extension or implantation. The jeopardy is that the procedure, if done improperly, can leave too big scars or cause no expected effect.

Both of the above surgical techniques are able to provide a fast result that looks absolutely natural.

How much is penis enlargement surgery?

penis surgery priceHopefully, you have no doubts now that the surgical approach to penis enlargement features the maximum possible effectiveness. Still, before you make an appointment with your doctor to agree a specific date of the operation, consider the financial aspect of this endeavor. Below, you can find some factors to keep in mind when calculating the budget.

Given what we discuss here is a surgical enlargement, it, similar to any kind of surgery, involves also a preparatory period and a recovery period in addition to the operation itself. Accordingly, this not only extends the time you will have to wait before you can enjoy the final result but also adds a significant amount to the total expenses.

Also, each consultation session with your doctor will cost you some money; the amount is subject to a specialist level, a particular type of procedure you choose and a country where the clinic is situated. Augmentation operations tend to be costlier because there are modern biocompatible fillers involved.

Another important consideration is that you can hardly expect your general medical insurance to cover penis enlargement procedures. Usually, this is not the case. If you plan to undergo this kind of operation in the future, consider selecting an insurance agency which will be willing to offer you an appropriate policy.

What you need to know before surgical enlargement?

Penis enlargement surgery, just like any other surgical procedure, is a serious step which should be made only upon considering all the relevant information available to you. Make sure you know the specifics of this type of operation.

For example, be aware that both augmentation and incision options are completed within one session. Still, the latter typically requires a bit longer stay at the hospital because of more complicated pre- and post-operation procedures. After the augmentation, a patient often can go home already the same day.

As for the operation itself, it typically takes 0.5 to 1.5 hours to complete it in both cases. The general anesthesia is used, which is another factor affecting the post-surgery period of stay.

To make sure the recovery goes well, 2 or 3 follow-up visits to your doctor should be scheduled. If necessary, they will prescribe you certain medications to relieve pain, suppress an inflammatory process or boost healing.

Don’t expect to see your renovated penis immediately after the operation. As the endeavor involves a surgical invasion, the organ will look swollen for quite some time. Additionally, some types of physical activity are not recommended during the recovery period, such as sex, masturbation or sports. You will be better off limiting them for a couple of months.

Is success rate really persuasive?

As we have mentioned above, the penis enlargement surgery is undoubtedly the most effective way to achieve the goal in question. According to medical reports, on the average, over 80% of patients who choose this approach are satisfied with the result they finally get.

resultsThe incision technique offers lower flexibility in terms of adding to the length. On the other hand, as a quite straightforward procedure, it boasts an ultimate success rate. With augmentation, more fantasies of a patient can be fulfilled, while the procedure is mainly focused on increasing the girth. Still, the reverse side of such flexibility is lower satisfaction levels, which, however, should be attributed to inflated expectations rather than to the immaturity of the technique itself.

Penis enlargement methods without surgery

Surgery is often selected from the range of available penis enlargement methods because it works fast and can ensure a customized result. While penile extenders can produce almost the same length increase, the effect they deliver is much inferior in terms of durability, so repeated application of the device may be required to preserve the gain.

Such natural approaches as pills and jelqing exercises cannot match the surgery in terms of the final effect but require a much longer treatment course. So watch for just wasting your money.

The bottom line

As compared with other currently available penis enlargement methodes, the surgical one ensures a more predictable and long-lasting effect.

Another obvious advantage of surgery is a fast result. Taking into account the preparatory period and the post-operation recovery, obtaining the penis size you’ve been dreaming about can take as little as a few weeks.

On the other hand, you should factor in the related risks, which, however, are actually the same as with any other surgical manipulations. Also, what makes this way of getting a bigger male organ unaffordable to many is its costliness. Depending on the country and hospital, the price may be as high as $10,000 to $15,000, which, obviously, will make you think twice.

To summarize the above, don’t expect to get a definite recommendation from us. It’s up to you to decide because which way you choose depends on a number of factors. With the aforementioned considerations in mind, you have all chances to be well prepared for taking an informed and reasonable decision based on your specific goals, budget, age etc.