SemEnhance Semen Sweetener: Change Taste of Sperm!

semen tasteYou have a good persistent potency, that’s great! But, perhaps, there are small nuances that prevent you from feeling like a hero during sex.

What Is The Taste Of Sperm?

The taste of sperm is something that can overshadow the moment of oral caresses. Semen taste is unique to every man1, this is your feature, as well as a mole or eye color. But you can change taste of semen.

Many women think sperm is disgusting. They don’t like the bitter or salty flavor your semen has. This results in fewer blowjobs or not allowing to cum the way you would like which is bad for your sex life.

No doubt you would like to give your sex partner the most pleasant and delicious sperm flavour every time, don’t you?

If you make your semen taste better, she will practically insist on giving you more blowjobs and having more oral sex. With semen sweetener SemEnhance this is no longer a problem.

What Is SemEnhace?

semenhanceSemEnhance is a special formula for better semen taste. By taking these pills you will improve the taste, sweetness and even the smell of your sperm.

A pharmaceutical company that developed the unique drug Semenax to improve sexual function and increase sperm volume now offers a new product, which consists of natural sweeteners.

Exotic fruit extract combined with neutralizing bitterness celery makes sperm taste very pleasant. The tablets are enriched with vitamin C, which makes the drug useful for male health.

How Does SemEnhance Work?

A new action formula has unique ingredients that can bring you guaranteed results and make semen taste good.

This product is safe for your health and makes your ejaculation taste superb. Really you don’t need anything else to make your sperm taste better. It is the product that will change your sexual life dramatically.

You and your partner will experience a great boost in your relationship. You don’t need to put yourself on tough diets with weak results, just take 2 pills a day and enjoy the sex.

Pills should be taken constantly, after three weeks your partner will tell you about the huge difference in taste.

SemEnhance Ingredients

SemEnhance contains concentrated fruit and spice extracts, including pineapple, kiwi, banana, strawberry, celery. It contains bee pollen, royal jelly and additional ingredients for good assimilation by the body and enhances a pleasant taste.semenhance_ingredients

  • Pineapple2 is the main fruit that effectively changes the sperm taste. This is the main ingredient in the pills to sweeten semen.
  • Kiwi makes semen taste and smell more pleasant3, it goes well with tropical fruit extracts as part of the drug.
  • The strawberry extract gives sperm a sweet taste and adds masculine strength because of the lycopene contained in it.
  • Beekeeping products have a restorative and exciting effect.
  • Celery extract4 helps neutralize the bitter or sour taste of male secretions.
  • Vitamin C5 in tablets allows sperm to be enriched with essential nutrients. This makes the seminal fluid useful and productive, having a positive effect on the male body.

SemEnhance Results

Results of independent tests show that 100% of women report an improvement in their men’s sperm taste when they take SemEnhance. 65% of the women say the flavor is delightful. This is really the best product for better semen taste you can find.

If you don’t want to resort to “pharmaceutical” help, but you do think you could stand to improve your virility, try using one of these naturally-based pills instead. Your confidence will be markedly improved.

Where To Buy Semen Sweetener Pills SemEnhance?

buyCan you imagine the best sex of your life is only a click away? Ordering SemEnhance pills online today can begin you on the path to the ultimate sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

You can purchase this medication without a prescription while at home. The manufacturer maintain confidentiality in the delivery of goods.

 What Is The Guarantee?

No one wants to throw away their money, do they? We know how you feel; many customers have felt the same. But, they all found that SemEnhance is not only effective but great value for money.

Sellhealth offer a full 67-day returns period. How can they do this? It’s because when you have a product on the market this good, confidence in this product comes naturally. You use the products for 60 days and you have the 67th day to return the products.

The returns policy is simple and fair to both us and you. Take the pills for the suggested length, if you are not happy within 2 months of purchase you can return the products for a refund.



Enhances semen’s sugar taste




Brighter Orgasm



  • Perfect sperm taste


  • After stop using you'll get back unpleasant flavour