What is Testosterone and How Does It Affect on Human Body?

Such hormone as testosterone is considered to be the main for a male, but it is also contained in a woman’s body. This article will allow you to get acquainted with the definition of testosterone, as well as its effect on the human body.testosterone

What is testosterone hormone?

The testicles in the male body are responsible for the production of an optimal amount of testosterone, and in the female body, this function is carried out by the ovaries. It is worth noting that the female body is characterized by a lower content of this hormone.

Puberty is a time of the greatest activity of testosterone production by the body. This process is on the decline as the age of a person increases after 30 years.

Testosterone is responsible for the formation and development of various functions and affects some processes in it:

  1. Production of sperm.
  2. Building muscle mass.
  3. The hair on the body.
  4. Formation of red blood cells.
  5. Method of storing body fat.
  6. Mood.

What causes the low testosterone level ?

low testosteroneThe following symptoms may indicate insufficient testosterone production by the human body:

  1. Depression.
  2. Weight gain.
  3. Depletion of bones.
  4. Constant feeling of fatigue.
  5. Low self-esteem.
  6. Reducing hair on the face and body.

Reduced hormone production is absolutely normal for people over 30 years. However, there are other causes that affect the premature change in the amount of production of this hormone in the human body:

  1. Testicles damage.
  2. Some methods of cancer treatment:
    • Chemotherapy.
    • Radiation.
  3. Stress.
  4. Some chronic diseases:
    • Liver cirrhosis.
    • AIDS.
    • Kidney disease.
  5. Excessive alcohol consumption, which led to alcoholism.

Determining the testosterone level

Determine the content level of the hormone in the human body can be by a blood test. Normal are the following indicators:

  1. For adult females – 15 to 70 ng/dl.
  2. For adult males – 280 to 1100 ng/dl.

determineThe ranges of hormone level in the blood may differ when tested in different laboratories. Be sure to consult a physician in this case, who will appoint an additional examination to reveal the reasons for the drop in the level of this hormone.

A decrease in testosterone production in an adult male may indicate problems with the pituitary gland, as it is responsible for sending signals about testosterone production to the hypothalamus and testicles. If the test for testosterone levels, measured in a teenager, reveals a low result, it leads to a delay in his puberty.

A small decrease in the content of the hormone in the body usually does not lead to obvious violations of its functioning. However, its increase in the body of boys leads to early puberty, and in women to the manifestation of characteristic signs for men.

Excessive testosterone level in the blood can identify the presence of sicknesses such as testicular cancer and impaired adrenal function.

Testosterone therapy treatment

treatmentThe final decision on the need for testosterone replacement therapy is made by the doctor on the basis of analysis and research of the person’s condition. In such cases, the hormone can be administered in the following ways:

  1. Pills orally.
  2. Injections.
  3. Gel.
  4. The patch to the skin.

This therapy is effective for strengthening bone tissue, normalizing body hair and solving other problems related to impaired testosterone production. However, it is worth remembering a number of adverse events associated with it:

  1. The reduction in sperm production.
  2. Fluid retention.
  3. Oily skin.
  4. Shrinking of testicles.

How does testosterone effect on the human body?

testosterone and human bodyTestosterone is the hormone in the greatest amount contained in the male body than in the female. It is responsible for the formation and development of muscles, body hair and other distinctive features of the male body from the female. It should be noted that the body of a woman also contains this hormone but in smaller quantities.

Features of the effect of male hormone on the human body

Testosterone is the most important hormone for the body of every man. It begins to be produced at a very early stage of conception-just 7 weeks after the formation of the embryo in the womb. The body begins to actively produce testosterone in the puberty of a teenager. It is at this time that it reaches its maximum, and then its production remains at the same level. After a man reaches the age of 30, the body produces less of the main male hormone annually.

In most cases, the male body produces testosterone in an amount sufficient for the normal functioning of a man and good sexual enhancement. However, there are cases when the body does not cope with this task, which leads to the development of hypogonadism. Such a disease requires mandatory diagnosis by a doctor and treatment by hormonal therapy under his careful control.

The level of testosterone in the human body has an impact on:

  1. Reproductive function.
  2. Sexual development and penis enhancement.
  3. Muscle mass.
  4. The strength of the bones.
  5. Behaviour.

So, it can be concluded that testosterone has great importance on the formation and normal development of various functions of the male body.

How does testosterone affect on endocrine system

endocrineThe decision about how much testosterone is required to produce for the body to function properly is made in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This information then enters the pituitary gland, and from there – in the ovaries, where the hormone is produced. The adrenal glands are also responsible for testosterone production. This amount will be negligible in the female body, while the male endocrine system produces it in much larger quantities.

The greatest amount of testosterone production falls on the period of puberty. Adolescents are characterized by the following changes during this period:

  1. The voice becomes rougher.
  2. The appearance of hair on the body and face.
  3. Muscle mass increases.
  4. There is an attraction to the opposite sex.

This situation is observed until the guy reaches 20 years of age. Testosterone production is normalized after this period. For men older than 30 years is characterized by a decrease in the production of this hormone annually by 1%.

Effects of testosterone on reproductive system

Testosterone is important in the formation and development of male genitals, sperm production and is responsible for the reproductive function of the body.

In the case of decreased production of the male hormone, erectile dysfunction occurs. This method of treatment as testosterone therapy has an effect on reducing sperm production, as well as affect prostate enlargement. That is why this method of treatment is categorically not recommended for people with enlarged prostate and breast cancer.

Effects on the central nervous system

nervousTestosterone has an effect on human behaviour by controlling:

  1. Agression.
  2. Domination.
  3. Level of self-esteem.
  4. Sexual activity.

Thus, insufficient production of testosterone by the body leads to self-doubt, depression, sleep disturbance and bad mood in the absence of objective reasons.

However, it should be understood that the male hormone is not the main factor in determining human behaviour. A number of other biological factors play a significant role here.