Top 10 Foods For Men’s Health


healthy mealAccording to statistics, men under 55 years of age suffer from hypertension twice as often as women. And that gives you one more reason to love watermelons, to enjoy them every day in late summer and early fall. Watermelon is rich in potassium, which can help men avoid high blood pressure and strokes. Watermelons are also a source of fiber, lycopene, an antioxidant, and vitamins.

Peanut Butter

Americans love peanut butter. With all of its “cons” – fat, calorie, and high allergenicity, it is on the guard of the cardiovascular system. In the United States, a diet with peanut butter for a month can lower the level of “bad” cholesterol, but does not affect the level of “good” high molecular cholesterol. But it is important to know the measure, such a delight has almost 600 kcal. By the way, all nuts, especially nuts, hazelnuts and peanuts, are also considered a powerful aphrodisiacs.


Many men are meat eaters by nature, and it is no coincidence that without the supply of high quality animal protein, your performance, your physical endurance, your mental condition, your libido will suffer. The most useful for the stronger sex is beef or veal. But semi-finished products, sausage and fatty meats, as well as a “solid belly” will cause  heart problems and can lead to romantic breakdown.


fishOily varieties must absolutely be included in the male diet. We recommend to organize a “fish day” at least twice a week, which spoils dishes with salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines, herring. These fish are rich in protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Fish fats improve heart function, blood circulation, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, etc. Even using deep-sea fish, a man gets the necessary trace element, selenium, zinc, which are responsible for strong immunity and fertility. Rich in zinc and oysters, to which, according to legend, Casanova owes her love.

Oats Porridge

A good tradition and a perfect breakfast, because the soluble fiber in oatmeal helps lower cholesterol, prevents the development of atherosclerosis – a chronic disease of the arteries, reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Dairy products

Milk and cottage cheese are an integral part of the diet of athletes who practice combat and weightlifting. The proteins in dairy products give a feeling of satiety, are slowly digested and increase the endurance necessary for physical activity. It is also an excellent building material for the muscles and cells of the male body.


tomatoesTomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that can prevent or slow the spread of prostate cancer. In the meantime, the tomato itself has no positive effect on this important male gland, because the combination of the tomato with a little fat is important to assimilate lycopene. So the right decision is to cook fish with tomato, make a salad with tomato, season it with vegetable oil, or hurry to build a “partner life sandwich” at from a piece of cheese with tomato.

Date fruits

In Arab countries, date fruits are treated with deep respect; in Antiquity, during wars or migrations, the Arabs carried with them the dried fruit of dates, which gave them strength in battles and distant passages. According to their nutritional value, date fruits occupy a preponderant place among fruits. They contain vitamins A, E, group B, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, iron, zinc and amino acids. Regular use of dates helps the heart, liver and kidneys, normalizes the acid balance in the body, strengthens the immune system, is useful for anemia and viral diseases: sweets, cakes, pastries.


Priority is given to wild berries, particularly rich in vitamins and healthy flavonoids, pigments which give bright colors to the sweet “gifts of nature”, it is proven that berries improve intellectual capacities, the work of the heart, slow down the aging process, out of season you can cook your half of homemade compotes, cooking walrus berries, which will undoubtedly touch the harsh masculine nature. You can buy fresh berries in supermarkets and serve them for dessert, for example with whipped cream – not so useful, but delicious and beautiful.


bananasA source of potassium and vitamin B6, bananas help your husband cope with the nervousness and stress that abound in his life. Bananas help maintain the normal immune system, boost metabolism and the production of red blood cells. These fruits are not fresh for your husband, please him by offering him a banana milkshake. It is a quick, easy and nutritious delight.