Which Food is Not Good for Sex?

Here we are talking about how your food choices can affect your sex life for good and for bad.


alcoholWhere sex is concerned, alcohol is a two-edged sword. On one hand, it will lower her inhibitions, allow you to relax in a potentially stressful situation and provide a physical focus for both. In the movies, alcohol always seems to precede sex and seems intimately connected with sex. On the other hand, however, it causes changes in behavior that may not be for the best, it reduces sexual potency on your behalf and is both a sedative and a depressant. So, alcohol can destroy your sex drive.  This latter bit is interesting because most people think of alcohol as something that uplifts them, however, this is merely a side effect of lowered inhibitions.


In general, you should limit the amount of alcohol you have before and during the first few dates with a woman. Men as young as 17 have been found they couldn’t achieve an erection at the most awkward of moments due to alcohol-related impotency. Your ability to “handle” your alcohol has no bearing on this by the way and rather than proving your manliness by having copious amounts of alcohol, you are simply stating that without it, you are nothing.


coffeeCoffee as well as a mixed blessing. It is a stimulant and allows you to be alert a little longer than you might be able too otherwise. It will boost your libido. However, in many men, it causes their ejaculate to taste bitter for up to 3 days after a cup of coffee. Tea does not have the same effect, so this problem is not related to the caffeine content.

Coffee is also seen as an ideal way to relax and get to know someone new or just to have a simple get together, so in some situations, it is the preferred method. Just remember that for some women the taste may prove to be a problem. If you are dealing with a woman with limited oral experience, then make sure you have had no coffee for 3 days since her first taste of your ejaculate will set the scene for all of her future oral pleasure with you.

Cabbage, meat, dairy

cabbage, meatMeat, dairy, high-fat foods, and cabbage can cause flatulence in many people. The one thing you don’t want to do when meeting or dating women is a fart. Passing wind is the single most objectionable thing that women find about men. And if there is a fart in there somewhere, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will emerge at just the wrong moment and kill your sex life.

Fruit will cause flatulence if it is digested after a heavy meal, but will not cause it if taken at least half an hour before. This is because the preceding meal slows down the digestive system and causes the fruit to ferment instead of passing quickly through your system.

On the first few dates, keep all meals for yourself light and remember that heavy and high-fat food has a mild sedative effect, so whilst she may enjoy the taste of the cuisine you are offering, if it puts her to sleep then you are out of luck sexually.